We offer high quality Metal Stamping services at compitative prices

At GV Stamping, we don’t just create components; we engineer ingenuity through metal. Our symphony of high-speed stamping presses, including the esteemed Bruderer and Hensel, choreographs an exquisite dance with materials such as brass, copper, Phosphor Bronze, and CRCA. With a production prowess of over 150 million components per month,

We don’t meet standards – We set them.

Our Infrastructure

  • A versatile power press fleet boasting tonnage ranging from 25 Ton to 110 Ton, enabling precision across a wide spectrum of projects.
  • Seamlessly integrated automatic feeding and material handling capabilities, ensuring our presses perform at peak efficiency.
  • Our BRUDERER presses, capable of reaching speeds up to 800 spm, exemplify reliability with every repeat-cycle they execute.
  • Impeccable metal stamping, finely tuned for optimized reel-to-reel automation processing.
  • The artistry of complex and intricate metal stamping, where creativity meets precision.
  • A cutting-edge automated feeder system that orchestrates the flow of materials seamlessly.

Different types of Stamping done at GV

At GV, we excel in progressive stamping, a method where intricate components come to life through a series of precise, sequential actions. Each movement refines raw material, shaping it into a masterpiece with flawless accuracy.

Discover the artistry of shallow drawn stamping at GV. We skillfully transform flat metal sheets into elegantly contoured forms, crafting components that blend practicality and aesthetics seamlessly.

With GV's reel-to-reel expertise, we orchestrate a harmonious procession of material. From coil to precision-crafted part, our seamless process ensures efficiency and consistency, catering to high-volume demands.

we specialize in the precise dance of blanking and piercing. Metal surrenders to our meticulously crafted dies, resulting in flawlessly cut components and expertly placed apertures.

Witness the mastery of bending at GV. We artfully reshape metal with controlled force, crafting components that seamlessly combine form and function to your exact specifications.

Experience the symphony of forming at GV. Our skilled technicians mold metal with precision, creating three-dimensional wonders that reflect both our craftsmanship and your unique requirements.

Types of materials used for Stamping

  • Brass

    We work with the elegance of brass, crafting components that embody both strength and sophistication.

  • Copper

    The versatility of copper finds expression in our work, producing components that balance conductivity and durability.

  • Nickel

    Our mastery extends to nickel, where we shape this resilient material into components that offer both resilience and reliability.

  • Aluminium

    Incorporating aluminum into our craftsmanship, we create components that showcase a perfect blend of lightweight versatility and structural integrity.

  • CRCA (Cold Rolled Close Annealed)

    With CRCA, we specialize in precision manufacturing, crafting components that exhibit exceptional durability and a smooth, refined finish.

  • HRCA (Hot Rolled Close Annealed)

    HRCA lends its robustness to our work, allowing us to produce components known for their strength and resilience, while maintaining precision and quality.

  • Stainless Steel

    Working with stainless steel, we engineer components that combine corrosion resistance and impressive strength, making them suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

  • Spring Steel

    Harnessing the properties of spring steel, our craftsmanship results in components that possess excellent elasticity and durability, ensuring reliable performance under variable stresses.

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